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  8. 'Captain',Arthur Gregg Salzburger, whose portrait was appended to the article, is at least 50% WASP (probably 75% but I haven't studied his geneaology thoroughly) as his mother -the Gregg in his name, was the mother's maiden name – and father's mother belonged to that group; their husbands were Jew media moguls who converted to Episcopalianism. Biologically, religiously and psychologically he is not the same as the entirely Jewish in body-and-mind Bloom. Salzburger is more a Judaised urban yuppie fool than a roaring Jew.

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  12. Some might remember the very old film classic “Whiskey Galore.” The Scots in this film gathered tons of bottles of whiskey from a shipwreck and hid the whiskey in a huge range of possies to evade the authorities. Not suggesting that there are Scots living near the said beaches here but…….

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  18. Já proti uniformám nic nemám a o dnešních "dětech" si také nedělám iluze. Jen upozorňuji na to, že neexistuje nástroj, jak kohokoliv na ZŠ donutit oblékat si uniformu. Lze jej donutit, aby svým zevnějškem a chováním nepáchal trestnou činnost, ale jinak má naprostou volnost. Ne, že bych z toho měl bůhvíjakou radost, ale tak to bohužel dnes je. Školní řád před soudem v tomto případě nemá šanci.

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    This series has been amazing, especially the last couple episodes. I am dying to find out who Amon is, but I hope the reveal is not a letdown. Poor Lin. I also had the thought that perhaps Korra will be able to restore bending at some point. I just wish she would go into the Avatar state and take care of business.

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  25. Det er ikke lett Ã¥ velge bestandig og valgets kvaler kan være mange. Da er det utrolig deilig nÃ¥r det dukker opp slike løsninger :)Ønsker deg en fin mandag 🙂

  26. know right?! I love doing this kind of stuff with them. Every Christmas we have our annual Pizza and Gingerbread making party at our house with all my nieces and nephews…and my “pretend” niece Cassidy of course! They love it! My nephew will be 12 and he still gets a kick out of it.

  27. Aaa, den var vakker! Gratulerer med god kjøp :)Skulle gjerne har vore pÃ¥ julemarknaden eg òg, men denne helga strekk ikkje tida heilt til, til det. Men neste Ã¥r…*hÃ¥pe*hÃ¥pe*Ynskjer deg ein god søndag!Klem Cam

  28. Dang! Of course, now the Rightwing fascists have a “race” card to play for 30 years; ‘I woulda voted for Herman Cain, he’s one of the good ones, but them lefties concocted a buncha smears to take him down! But, because I would’ve voted for him it proves I’m not racist. Now let’s send out more emails detailing the “uppity-ism” of the Obama’s while they’re photoshopped onto chimp bodies with watermelons on white house lawn…’

  29. l'articolo di Repubblica è sparito.Io credo che siccome si dice che in regioni freddissime uno sputo (e forse anche la pipi'…) congela prima di toccare terra, la giornalista ha creduto che fosse verosimile anche la storia dell'onda.

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  32. Vous avez raison.Je me méfie simplement du progressisme « universel ».Et je souhaite mettre sur la table la clé de répartition des fonds publics.Vous avez raison de vous défendre.Simplement, il n’y a pas d’évidence de primauté (ou d’immunisation) au niveau des besoins de la recherche fondamentale dans cette redistribution par rapport à d’autres besoins.J’ai beaucoup de difficultés à suivre le discours de Claude Allègre sur ce point.Au plaisir.

  33. Just do me a favor and keep writing such trenchant analyses, OK?

  34. January 2, 2009 – 10:17 am Thank you, both. David – are you gonna post any blog stats? I’d love to see the impact of the Ranking Factors. That started sending traffic to me almost immediately. Donace — good luck to you, as well, this year.

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  38. marco06 dit :y aurait-il une différence entre les contribuables en général et les contribuables régionaux? mais là, silence dans les médias!!!

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  42. Yay! “Boom!” Me too!I started thinking this morning about my political philosophy and if I must have a government, I would have to identify myself as a “Jeffersonian Socialist.” That is, a libertarian socialist. That is, more simply put, “I am an anarchist!”

  43. Je ne retrouve pas qui l’a dit plus haut, mais vraiment c’est tout simple :«Mais pour son dernier grand meeting de campagne, auquel participaient Pénélope son épouse et plusieurs dizaines d’ex-ministres et de parlementaires etc. »On fait l’économie d’une virgule et toutes les économies sont bonnes à prendre.

  44. Ça dépend. A Chypre y’as des casques bleus depuis fort longtemps pour le maintient de la paix entre les turques et les grecs et il n’y a pas de guerre.

  45. oct18Mathieu Lemée Mais comme ce n’est sûrement pas grâce à Martineau que l’intelligence du lecteur va s’améliorer, il y a de bonnes chances pour que cette corruption galopante se repointe le bout de son museau assez vite, car ce type de lecteur sera trop naïf pour ne pas le voir venir. Les corrupteurs s’ajustent, pas les incultes.

  46. 9. januar 2009De der småspredte byger er ikke smarte, Erwin, og den dumme grav du selv graver bliver blot dybere. Enten kan du forholde dig til de mange ytringer fra mange velmenende folk, og svare dem, eller også bør du trække dig, som du efterhånden har skrevet flere gange.Vi kommer ikke videre førend du forholder dig til de talrige synspunkter der er kommet for dagen. Og spredhagl fra din side i form af one-liners, er ikke befordrende for andet end dit eget sortsyn.

  47. Briana / Sorry I put it as a reply but my comment wouldnt work. During my period it never flowed It was only there after I peed and wipped. It only showed up on the pad when I held my pee and it leaked out onto even then it was only a inch wide and around two inches long?

  48. Michael — this is great advice that I’m really going to ponder. How can I me a problem solver and avoid self gratifying, self centered posts. A wonderful challenge. I’m new here and excited to learn more. Thanks.Sharon

  49. yusuke dit :je pense que les amélioration de kabuto sont la cause du retour de madara ont apparence d’un jeunekabuto a donné l’apparence d’un jeune a madara .. mais ca n’explique pas son retour avec le rinegan et c’est pour ca que je pense que kabuto a fait éveiller le rinegan a edo madaraet ca explique cette phrase . kabuto dit : « le rikudo ..je peux a présent toucher un fragment de la puissance de ce dieu  » ..Aime : 0

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  58. Thanks for sharing an apt metaphor that I haven’t thought of before. I haven’t done much gardening except for the annual gigantic book sale in the city, I’d weed out a tiny bit and bring home some more. Mine’s a wildflower garden.

  59. this is interesting. i posit there is something these israel supporters fail to comprehend wrt romney. i don’t think pouring any amount of money at him is going to make a damn bit of difference. the gop vote is beholden to zionist christian evangelicals. they don’t like mormons, at all. this demonstrates on certain levels there is no difference between parties at all for some people it is all about israel. those supporters would be better served by throwing their money at someone whose religion doesn’t clash w/the evangelicals. they’ll vote for obama before they’ll vote for a mormon.

  60. Asta e un exemplu cumsecade. Sunt alte zeci de blocuri prin Brasov mult mai “interesante”. Greu de crezut ca vor mai arata vreodata bine. Exemple si poze aici: Situatia e la fel in toate orasele Romaniei.

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  63. You inspired me to try Zumba…and I must say I’m addicted!!! I couldn’t believe how fun that workout is. I’m going to start reading “The Happiness Project.” I’ve read great things about it, and can’t wait to start on it.

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  68. "…..thrown together in a pot and boiled into one indecipherable mix that was appealing, and yet completely void of meaning."I think you were thinking of this:Shemot 32:24 "…Then they gave me the gold and I threw it into the fire, an out came this calf!"The time we are in is the "Time of No Context" – this is why people cannot think for themselves, don't know how to measure from a baseline, spiritually and are emotionally labile consequently voting for anyone who makes them feel good….anyway counting down to the next big happy holiday – kate b

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  82. Very cute…One of my additions would be “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”. Very appropriate for my 3 kids who are 7 years old and younger.

  83. Oh PS my parents almost lost the house in 92 and the stress destroyed my Parents Marriage and pushed my dad over the edge into alcoholism.Thats not happening here….Time to go to work will check on this when I get back at 10-11 PM

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  93. the military option is on the table or not is irrelevant. Under no circumstances would Obama EVER engage in any type of military action against Iran. It’s just not going to happen — ever.The Iranians know Obama is soft and Gates knows the Iranians know Obama is soft.

  94. I do enjoy the manner in which you have framed this particular issue and it does present me some fodder for consideration. However, from everything that I have observed, I simply wish as the actual feedback pile on that folks keep on point and not get started upon a soap box regarding some other news du jour. Yet, thank you for this excellent piece and while I do not necessarily go along with this in totality, I respect the standpoint.

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  104. I just love me a good word study, Elaine!This one is no exception. The breakdown of the words of this scripture really made me think. They seem so straightforward, but we take so much for granted–at least I do.I want to be like this woman. Seeing my dreams in the open field. Trusting Him for them.This was lovely, a real ruby.

  105. June 1st 2011 – 7:07pmI’m a thrift store junkie, love this sort of stuff but can’t really say why. I use a lot of oddball things in my mosaics. This just looks like a fun pile of treasures.

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  109. mell:when i look at the tea baggers i see a group of dissenters who happen to be white daring to protest a HORRID prez who happens to be black…while droves of drones who look like that blackish hobama are being slain MOST by him yet cheer him on as they die!!!and i will never demonize or libel or slander any entire org that dares to be enraged by a ruthless corp govt like the usa!!!

  110. I have been so bewildered in the past but now it all makes sense!

  111. 27Waarom zou de Profeet van de Islam in hemelsnaam in de Nederlandse maatschappij moeten ‘PASSEN’?Christus zou tegenwoordig vermoedelijk in het gesticht zitten, maar dat is, terecht, ook geen belemmering voor het hedendaagse Christendom.

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  117. he has no musical contribution to “New Moon.”.UPDATE5: And that’s it for now. Come back later for the New Moon event at 1:45pm PST (FYI: this was the Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart press conference, not the main event with the clips from the movie.)

  118. te ne chiedo cortesemente un'altra: possiamo non parlare di politica almeno qui? GrazieHai mai provato a chiedere di non parlare di religione nei commenti ad un post sulla Sindone? Ecco, appunto! ;)Comunque, tra i vari flame inutili, quello "italiani all'estero" VS "italiani in Italia" ancora mi mancava…

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  123. Wison “Good gawd, do the Liberals really think Canadians are that stupid?I ask in all seriousness.”Yes Wilson, the Liberals do think canadians are stupid. You see, if the msm can allow themselves to be treated stupid by the liberals, and knowing that those same stupid reporters have to report to canadians; the liberals think that the canadian public have got to be stupid as well.

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  125. DNA, historical anachronisms, and the KJV are fun tools with which one can poke (limited) holes in the Book of Mormon's own explanation of its origin. But none of them provide a plausible alternate, comprehensive theory for the book's origin the way the Ethan Smith/Solomon Spalding theories purported to.Critics can carp about the things Joseph allegedly "got wrong", but when you ask them to account for all the stuff he got right . . . they've still got nuthin'.

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