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    Y para que Rajoy tome nota,la lideresa ha dicho, en la presentación de su candidatura a la CAM, que los imputados por la justicia tienen que asumir reedonsabilipadss políticas y por eso en su lista no va ningún imputado del Gürtel.Salud, República y Socialismo

  3. My dear Dymphna, Queen o’ the Blogosphere –We still can’t make war on all of them. Can’t kill them all. Probably can’t convert enough of them, either.Something has to happen, but I can’t quite see what it will be. If the masses of Muslims perceive Islam itself as being grievously humiliated, shamed, and dishonored, then what happens?Anybody else got any ideas?

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  11. nunca imaginaria que o inter arrecadava tanto… o.Oe vale-se ressaltar que o Santos, com aquele timaço do ano passado, com Robinho, Neymar e tudo, arrecadou menos do que o Corinthians arrecadou no ano da série B…O que acha disso Dr.?

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  14. yay, den siste kom i posten idag.Den første som har fristet meg siden ungdommen, kanskje bortsett fra Elling, som jeg ble litt lei av etterhvert. Jeg sitter faktisk med den i hånda, men er litt skremt over hvor sår og melankolsk den virker.

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  20. Anonymous – I just wanted to say how much I love your pictures! My husband and I have had the pleasure of getting pictures done with Dawn,Bambi Cantrell & Michael Muramoto and it was wonderful, and your picts are right along that alley!! love them! I have not been able to stop looking at bridal pictures since then! Regina

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  24. Oh Im so jealous, it looks lovely, wish I was there too.I love narrowboats, you looked lovely too btw,glad you all had such a wondeful day

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  27. to me is Virgin has absolutely nothing worth talking about, other than slutty stewardesses.Something which I’m afraid they’ll never beat Ryan Air on. Those girls look like they’ve been plucked straight from a Polish rub shop.

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  44. “Bromance” is the attempt at a metrosexualisation of regular guy friendships and bonding. The Scrubs parody is funny, but the attempt to make it into a serious social phenomenon is really ignorant and sexist.

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  49. Have you done any other interviews with little known artists? I found this blog through last.fm but I haven’t got around to looking at yours yet. Pimp yo’self.

  50. Dear Evil dasa, You keep repeating, you want vedic evidence — of what? I told you already many times, there are only 32 acharyas listed for 5,000 years, yes that means there are gaps. Krishna Himself says the line keeps being broken and He has to re-appear, is Krishna making up lies? Srila Prabhupada says when there is a gap, then you worship last acharya. Yes, that is the Vedic system. Your GBC idea of worship of illicit sex messiahs, this is not as advanced as witch doctors. I gave you the quote for that too. ys pd

  51. or you can be Ian McEwan or Charles Dickens have them totally change the ending of your book….i remember seeing “Great Expectations” when i was a kid and being confounded and furious that Pip and Estella ended up together!!!NO NO NO NO NO. Even as a child, i knew that was wrong.

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  57. What’s this quasi-Lamarckian stuff about climate selection? Can you explain why Sicily would select for swarthy Whites and the Basque Country selects for pasty Whites? It’s not obvious to me that climate drives selection for complexion.

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  83. being new to all this, I don't even know what this exclusive jumble sale is but just hearing the words made me wish I could go to something like it! Love the silver shoes (don't know how they would have worn them where you are but we wore them with Danskins (yes, we went to Dance studios to buy them) and skirts. Much luck at the sale.

  84. Jennie–those sound fabulously sinful. YUM!By the way, I just finished your Italian Prince, Wedlocked Wife yesterday, and talk about a fun, fairytale romance. Loved it. Thanks for the escape!

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  200. Melissa,We should print up T-shirts that say:“Hang in there…you’re not desperate. You’re a writer!”Our stories are literally made of our own blood, sweat and tears…OK, maybe not the blood (although during one scene I just couldn’t get right, I did chew my fingernail so low it bled – TMI). :0) And you’re so right- that’s why it’s so darn hard to not get pounded by every rejection, poor review or criticism.Thanks for stopping by!Tiff

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  207. I think Celente is wrong on this. The younger generations in the States are dumbed down sheep from years of MSM programming, drugging, bad public education , bad parenting with a pathetic sense of entitlement and lack of understanding or interest in money, finance, and how the real world works. Like their parents, they will accept the crumbs the govt. hands them once the fleecing is complete.


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